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Introducing Our New DJ: Simon Lokes

by Tony Dzines
May 23, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce our newest DJ, Simon Lokes, to our local radio station! Simon brings a fresh and exciting energy to our airwaves with his show, “Simon’s Themed Show”, airing every Wednesday from 7-8pm, with a repeat on Monday from 5-6pm.

Simon’s Themed Show is all about exploring different musical genres and themes each week. Simon’s passion for music and his eclectic taste ensure that each show is a unique journey through the vast world of music.

  • Week 1: Punk Simon kicked off his first show with a bang, diving deep into the rebellious and high-energy world of Punk. From the classics to hidden gems, it was a night to remember for all punk enthusiasts.
  • Week 2: Reggae Get ready to feel the rhythm and vibes as Simon takes us to the sunny shores of Jamaica. Tune in for a relaxing and soulful Reggae session that will lift your spirits and get you moving.
  • Week 3: Funk Prepare to get funky! Simon will be spinning the best of Funk, featuring groovy basslines, infectious rhythms, and some of the most iconic tracks in music history.
  • Week 4: Female Bands In celebration of women in music, Simon dedicates this week to showcasing the incredible talent and diversity of female bands. Expect a powerful and inspiring setlist that spans genres and generations.
  • Week 5: Irish Bands Closing out the first month, Simon will highlight the rich musical heritage of Ireland. From traditional folk to modern rock, this show will celebrate the unique sounds and stories of Irish bands.

Join Simon Lokes every Wednesday at 7pm and catch the repeat on Mondays at 5pm. Don’t miss out on this musical adventure – it’s a perfect way to discover new music and revisit some old favorites.

Stay tuned and let Simon Lokes take you on a thematic musical journey every week!